Why do I want to learn React? And what is it?

October 1st, 2019 in Programming

My quest to become a frontend developer has now lead me to React. I just finished a short introduction to this javascript framework in freeCodeCamp but had a hard time grasping the concept. A course on Udemy will hopefully let me dive deeper and get a better understanding of both React and Redux.

What is React? React is a javascript framework developed by Facebook. It´s very popular and can be used to create webpages, apps for both desktop and mobile devices, VR-applications and more. It´s supposedly easy to learn, especially if you already know javascript.

Component-based The core idea behind this framework is individual building blocks called components. You build applications by first creating components, then putting them together to form a complete, functioning app. 

A webpage would consist of components like a contact form, a header, a footer, a menu, etc. And a component can even contain yet other components. A menu component could, for example, consist of a header component, a menu component, and a logo component.

When building apps with React, the application becomes much simpler to handle. It breaks complex applications down to smaller pieces, making them easier to build, manage, test and debug.  

Declarative React is also declarative, meaning the app only updates the components in which data changes. That makes it perfect for creating interactive user interfaces. It´s also very fast to render, which is a big advantage. 

Why learn it? Since React has become so popular, it seems mandatory to learn if you want to work as a front-end developer. And in the upcoming freeCodeCamp curriculum projects, it´s recommended to use both React and Redux. Hopefully, a thorough course on Udemy will help me achieve this.

And since my blog was based on a platform written in Go (which I know nothing about yet), I thought it was a good idea to convert from HUGO to GatsbyJS, which is built with React, helping me learn even more.