Continuing my freeCodeCamp curriculum2

May 14th, 2019

After finishing all the web design challenges, what remains is several web design projects. I finished the tribute page and the personal portfolio a year ago before the curriculum changed.

Now I need to create a survey form, a product landing page and build a technical documentation page.

fCC have also created a testing tool to check if your project passes all the user stories. I had to tweak my tribute page a bit to make it pass. It’s not exactly like the fCC example, but I’m quite proud of it and happy I made my own twist on it.

I’ve noticed that I’ve had much better progress in fCC after sitting down and doing some programming every day. It’s all about making it a habit. I’ve done it so much now that it’s no effort anymore. It’s just something I do every night. It’s the same with playing the guitar and writing my coding journal. It’s fun, it’s challenging, exciting and frustrating. But it’s no longer difficult to start. It’s like I’ve turned it upside down. Now it feels tougher NOT to code every day. And that is a big victory and something I am quite proud of.


My portfolio


My tribute page